Thursday, November 26, 2015

folded fabric ornament

Here is a fun "sew and fold" fabric Christmas ornament 
that turned out to be pretty easy.

These will make great little hostess gifts or party favors.

One challenge I had was finding a hanging string.
I ended up using Hemp Cord from the jewelry section.

The second challenge was finding affordable buttons.
I am still looking for some gold ones . . .

I used a 7" plastic plate as the template.

For the ones above I used red and green quilting fabric  
and now I have some Christmas fabric for the rest.

Stitch two contrasting colored circles together
 right sides facing leaving a small opening.

Turn them right side out

Top stitch and you are ready to fold

Draw up the centers and stitch together 

 Fold each corner over the edge

Here is a YouTube video with the instructions.


Kris said...

Those are so pretty! What a sweet hostess gift they would make!
I am afraid I have been a pitiful blogger of late. I just read your comment about the spa slippers. I had seen various patterns, and decided that I did t need to buy one. I set about to make up my own, and after fiddling g with it, and making two mock up pairs of slippers, I had it down to where I liked it. If you search on you tube, you can find some videos on how to make a pair, and at least get the Mai. Idea. If you can't come upmwithnone, I can try to figure a way to show you what I did to make mine.
XO Kris

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

These are delightful and reminded me of the many hours I've spent making Christmas ornaments ... not in recent years, but in years past. Such fond memories and they're still my favorite ornaments.

M said...

In a pinch, if you can't find cord try using dental floss. Sturdy without being too heavy