Friday, February 27, 2009

hidden blessing

On our last night in Florida we headed to Venice Beach for sunset, claimed a cozy spot for our blanket and settled in to enjoy (and photograph) the view.

Soon a family came and began playing in front of us so . . . photos of the sunset would now include this family.

At first I was annoyed but soon it became clear that it was making our hour there even more enjoyable. The girls were fun to watch and took us back the the days when our children frolicked carefree in those very same waves.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

a true living legend

One of the many perks of flying first class form Sarasota to Atlanta was sitting in front of this lovely lady and having a brief conversation about music, discovering we both prefer music from the "good old days". At age 87 she is absolutely too cute, very pleasant and as perky as ever.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

virtual freedom from frizz

When visiting Florida I always have such trouble with my hair. The humidity takes over and after a few days I give up and look like a wild woman. However . . . this year I brought with me a hair product that my daughter had given me last year and to my surprise it works miracles! Thanks dear daughter!

Pantene Pro-V Curl Shaper Anti-Frizz Creme
Get springy curls and virtual freedom from frizz.
This conditioning formula with moisturizers helps keep the frizz away. Your hair will be virtually frizz-free, smooth, controlled and shiny while your curls are defined. Softens hair with moisturizers. Provides smoothness for flowing waves and curly curls, even in high humidity. Gives all-day virtual freedom from frizz
It is oh so true!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Dozen Roses Diamond Pin

My very sweet father-in-law gave each of his 3 daughters and his 2 daughter-in-laws this lovely Dozen Roses Pin for Valentine's Day from the Danbury Mint. What a special surprise to get this package in the mail today. It was ever so thoughtful of him and I will wear it with love.

The elegant long stems are lavishly bathed in 24kt gold, and the magnificent roses are crafted of solid brass. A romantic "X" kiss, accented by a glittering diamond, ties up this exquisite bouquet. Measures approximately 2" in length.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wegmans Water Bottle

Every since learning about the BPA concern in plastic bottles we have been searching for new water bottles. We threw out all our hard plastic bottles that had a recycling code of #7 on the bottom.

I have finally found my "new favorite" nalgene beverage bottle. I recently found it at Wegmans Grocery and as a bonus it is even a locally made product (Eastman Chemical). It was on sale for $7.99 ($2 off) and holds 24 oz.