Thursday, April 24, 2014

room with a view

In our Leisure House guestroom is a lovely large window.

The view is a pleasant one 

but not great.

When we were looking for art work we kept this in mind.

Finally, the perfect framed picture

peaceful and comforting.

Now it is a room with a view.

After looking up the correct height to hang such a large picture
we realized that our friend Bobbi is exactly the right height
for the center of the picture - 60 inches.
So . . .  we invited over a few friends and had a "hanging party".
Thank you Rick, Bobbi, Cindy, Tom, Brenda. and Henry.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

imparting wisdom

Sometimes African Proverbs are so true . . . 

{story of our lives}
pickles free online by Brian Crane

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Taste of Venice Grand Gourmet Food Tour

We had a great time at this local event in Venice.
While learning more about the history of  our winter home
we stopped by one of our favorite restaurants
along with four restaurants new to us.

The Taste of Venice Grand Gourmet Food Tour will take "foodies" on a walking tour of historic Downtown Venice, FL restaurants and food shops. You will meet the chef's, taste their latest creations and learn their secrets. As we stroll the beautiful Italian Renaissance architecture, you will be immersed in the rich history of this unique slice of Paradise.

Our lovely hosts 
 {from their facebook page}

This tour is available every Tuesday and Thursday during the winter season.
If you get a chance we highly recommend it.

 The Soda Fountain


Café Venice

le Petit Bistrot

Ciao Gelato

Fellow guests on the tour with us

{It is a bit pricey but lucky for us we had a Groupon}

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

hot fresh coffee

I have a blog friend that I have been following for several years.
You would enjoy the bits of her life she shares along with plenty of inspiration.
Here is her lovely blog: Just a little something for you

Recently Judy had a fun little "give away" and
lucky for me, I won this very cute sign.
A perfect addition to our Leisure House . . . 

Thank you Judy!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

up words

Lucky for us we recently bought a new/used game at our Goodwill store
so . . . on a rainy day in Florida we discovered we really like this game.

It begins a bit like scrabble.

Then you can stack letters to make new words and/or change existing words.
WORD becomes LORD

BAGEL becomes MOGEL (whoops misspelled)
SHIP becomes SNIT
add NUT
MUFF becomes BUFF
add FIT
ZAP becomes NAP
add CHIN

BUFF returns to MUFF
JUDO becomes VROOM
creates OM (a mantra sound)

By now you get the idea

No stack can be higher than 5 letters.

If you come across this game -  buy it - I promise you will enjoy it.