Monday, November 29, 2010

third in the nation (#42)

When my son and his friend Nathan were little boys they attended every home SUNY Brockport football game that they could. Along with their friends they would make a tunnel and slap the player's hands each week as they entered and left the field. From that early age it was Nathan's goal to someday play for that team.

All these years later he has just played his final game as a SUNY Brockport Senior and what an amazing four years it has been. Nathan is ranked 3rd in the nation (Division III) for tackles.

A proud parent moment on Senior day with, our dear friends Doug and Leslie.

"In the 64-year history of football at the College at Brockport, only two Golden Eagles have registered more tackles in a single-season than senior Nate Bull (Brockport, NY/Brockport).

"Bull currently ranks third in all of NCAA Division III, and after his third game this year with 20 or more tackles, he was rewarded with his fourth New Jersey Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Week award."

"Bull leads the NJAC in total tackles. He finished with 43 more stops than the NJAC’s second-leading tackler."

"During his four-year career, Bull, a Senior Classic 2010 preseason All-American, finished with 321 tackles."

Here is my son and his girlfriend cheering Nate on. By the way Seth blames me for his not playing football because the local youth teams played on Sunday mornings and I wouldn't let him miss church. Oh the choices we make. By the way, he was a pretty darn good soccer player during high school and now plays on his college tennis team.

Nate's brother Dahn and Mr. Corners with their more modest sign.

Our nephew John also played for the Golden Eagles but his career was cut short in his Junior year due to a knee injury. He was a power house while it lasted.

Congratulations Nathan!!
Good luck in the Division III Senior Football Classic.

"The Collegiate Development Football League (CDFL) is proud to present this exciting opportunity to showcase the Division III Senior Football Classic. The “D-III Football Senior Classic” will bring players who represent 238 D-III football programs, to a North vs. South format all-star game in Salem, Virginia. These players will have earned the honor to play against their best peers in a showcase for all to recognize the talent laden D-III football level."


Wendy said...

Tell him Congratulations! Awesome accomplishments! It looks like they were fun games to watch and cheer on!

Anonymous said...

Mary, this was amazing! It made me cry. Thank you so much for taking time to recognize him on your blog. The pictures are great and I know that he missed John this year. They were a great team together on the field. And Seth and the boys have been faithful fans, for sure. It was a wonderful time of great friends, new friends, enthusiastic cheering, and a wonderful time in our lives. We are so glad that you were a part of it all with us. We love you guys.
Wine tonite????
Love, da bulls

dee dee said...

Congrats to Nate! What a wonderful way to honor him!
Dee Dee

Beth said...

My husband was a football player too, and his picture still resides in his school's Hall of Fame for running the most yards ever or something like that. (You think I'd know). I know Dave misses those hs/college football years so much, esp. now that he got a hip replacement at age 32 out of the whole deal and his dreams of becoming an NFL player have been dashed (ha!) Anyway, thanks for sharing this story, I loved the picture of Nathan flying in for a tackle! And Seth will forgive you. Someday.

amanda + daniel said...

I love the fan signs. Seth & Lauren's is great!

Christine said...

Being a football mom for many years, I know the ups, downs, oches and cheers. It's so hard to say good-by to a passion and "hobby".
Great tribute to a special guy in your life.

Go Team!

Anonymous said...

Holy COW!!!!!! That's a BIG deal!!!! Thanks for keeping us IN THE KNOW!!!!

Also, I wanna try your Turkey recipe some time soooon! It looks like it'd be GREAT!!!!


Anonymous said...

Many many thanks for remembering John on your thoughtful blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice . . great pictures and commentary too.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Nothing like taking in a good football game:)

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, how very fun! yes, good luck in the classic!