Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the journey begins

Coming home for her brother Blaine's wedding
Total flying time 20:34 !!!

Phnom Penh to Bangkok
Flying Time: 1:10

From Bangkok to Shanghai
Flying Time: 3:35

From Shanghai to New York, NY
Flying Time: 14:15

From New York JFK to Rochester NY
Flying Time: 1:34

Can't wait to see them and just hug them


Christine said...

Jumping up and down for (with) YOU!
That is one l-o-n-g trip but ohhh... so worth it! To get a hug from mom and dad and to feel their arms around you.
I'm excited for everyone!!!
Tell "Hi" from me.

Crickit said...

Praying for a safe flight for your loved ones...hope the flight does not feel so long to them. What a happy reunion it will be!

dee dee said...

Joy, joy joy... I'm praying for safe travels!
Dee Dee

Just a little something from Judy said...

So happy for you! I can't begin to imagine being on a plane for so long. On Sunday night our daughter and sil arrive home after only a 3 1/2 hour flight. Wishing you as many moments as possible with them. Cute couple.

Wendy said...

So happy to hear they are on their way home! We'll pray for a safe flight! I bet you can't wait to give them big hugs!! What a wonderful day that will be to have them home :)
Their flight reminds me of Lil Tony and Maddie's flight from S. Korea!