Friday, August 23, 2019

a tisket, a tasket

I made these baskets today and they are so cute but . . . 
I can’t think of what anyone would use them for. 
Before I make more I need some ideas.
What would you put in yours?
{each 6" high}


Diana Ferguson said...

You did a great job! I think you could use them in any room in the house - so cute. I might put small makeup items in one or perhaps even use in the kitchen with some little rolled towels in them. Another idea might be to put some decorative little balls in them in a special place.

quilter said...

I cut out fabric for two of these baskets this afternoon and was thinking the same thing. They are pretty small, but I figured I could fill them with fat quarters rolled up or charm packs, gifts for teachers, a bag of chocolates or cookies, fruit, make-up items, kids toys, etc. We'll see how mine come out tomorrow, and I'll go from there! Your's are so cute -- love the colorful fabrics!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Super cute! I know it is something our little granddaughters would love to carry their treasures in. I also think they are perfect gift bags that could be passed on and on making the packaging as lovely as the gift. You did such a great job!