Friday, October 17, 2014

savings catcher

I recently began using Wal-Mart Savings Catcher
After signing up you just enter your receipt number and the
webpage searches for the same items sold for less at other stores.

Wal-Mart then credits the difference on a gift card for you to use in their store.
Here are a couple of samples of  my recent receipts . . .

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Purchase Summary from October 07, 2014: Lower price found 3 items
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail  Qty: 1.00
$2.98 Wal-Mart
$2.50 Kmart
$0.48 You get back

Centrum Silver Vitamins  Qty: 1.00
$9.97 Wal-Mart
$5.99 Tops Friendly
$3.98 You get back

Swiffer Max Dry Refills  Qty: 1.00
$8.47 Wal-Mart
$4.49 CVS
$3.98 You get back

Purchase Summary from September 03, 2014: Lower price found 2 items 
Club Crackers Multigrain  Qty: 1.00
$2.88 Wal-Mart
$2.50 Kmart
$0.38 You get back

Lays Wavy Regular  Qty: 1.00
$2.88 Wal-Mart
$1.99 Walgreens
$0.89 You get back

Purchase Summary from October 12, 2014: Lower price found 2 items 
Sam Adams Seasonal 12 pack Qty: 1.00
$14.47 Walmart
$13.00 Kmart
$1.47 You get back

Diet Coke 2 liter  Qty: 1.00
$1.38 Wal-Mart
$0.99 Tops
$0.48 You get back

Total Reward Dollars I've redeemed in the past two months: $11.57

Check it out here:

{I do it on my laptop as I am not very cell phone savoy}


Mimi said...

Oh, I HAVE to get this! First, I should probably upgrade from my flip phone... Won't it be fun to see how much you save after an entire year?!

Stacey said...

I started last month and it's really going to add up!

Kris said...

Wow....that is great. I shop there, so I better do this!!! Thanks!
How are you???
xo Kris

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Wow, this is awesome! I have to show my husband... I'm sure he will thank you ;) Thanks for sharing!

Crickit said...

My daughter does this too! Great idea!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I learn many things of value from you. This is something I did not know existed. Thanks for sharing another fun way to get savings.