Saturday, November 9, 2013

Leisure House 07

Let me show you the living room in our Leisure House . . .

We created an entryway by 
positioning the sofa near the door.
{still searching for a painting to hang over this chest}

When you visit, this is what we want you to do - relax

This fun chest has interchangeable door panels.
We chose these paintings but you could also have 
bead-board or glass.

Since it is a "great room" you see all three rooms as you enter.

The sofa was the first thing we purchased so
the colors became our inspiration.
It holds a hide-a-bed with an inflatable air mattress.

We have been looking for baskets to hold 
various items without much luck so I made 
one with the perfect dimensions.

A fun tray with just the right colors.

Swivel rockers complete the seating.

For foot rests, Jim painted unfinished stools
and we found these pillows to top them off.

Gotta love that pop-of-orange.

I made all the window valances from a 
drop-cloth I purchased at Walmart.
Great texture and you can't beat the price.

The nautical clock is from the clearance section 
of a local furniture store.
I love the wooden blinds and
wish I had them up north as well.

I'd love to have you sit here and chat
while I cook you dinner.


lindsey said...

Looking wonderful!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I just love your leisure house. It's come together so nicely. I always wanted a beach cottage. The Man keeps saying we already have one ... on wheels. LOL

Just a little something from Judy said...

If I ever get to your corner of the world, I would love to sit in your beautifully decorated kitchen with you. In my mind, you did an outstanding job in creating a warm, welcoming, beach home. Well done!

Christine said...

Those Beach Bun pillows are funny,(your sense of humor is showing,
and just perfect!
What perfect way to share time with friends and family!
Which way to the beach?

daisy g said...

Love every detail!