Monday, August 26, 2013

Leisure House 03

Let me show you the guest room in our Leisure House . . .

We searched long and hard for bedding that was
calming, relaxing and inviting without 
being too "beachy cute"

All the lamps in our house are gifts from our Wine-on-Wednesday friends.

Scrabble tiles welcome family and friends.
Hmmm - family get 13 points, friends 11.
Wonder what that means?

Our goal is to keep this dresser empty so guests
can unpack their clothes and feel right at home.
The little containers are from IKEA - aren't they cute?

A place for laundry and 

a place for a suitcase.
Beach towels and a beach bag fill these drawers.

A little rug to wipe the sand from your feet as you get into bed.
We have no carpeting in this house.
All rooms have the same laminate flooring.

Our guest room has a television.

I love how you can hide away the cable controls.

Cute little night stands round out the room.

A ceiling fan to keep our cool guests cool.

Ready and waiting . . . .
{well, except for a window treatment - still looking}
The windows all have wooden blinds
and most have valances.

Side note: I love the Bahama Blue furniture in this room and
if we had found this first it would have been in the Master Suite.


amanda + daniel said...

We loved staying in this pretty little room! Although the pictures with a crib crammed in the side & a year's worth of luggage to pack to Cambodia on the bed are not nearly as cute & relaxing as these pretty ones. :)

corners of my life said...

Shoot - I had to re-post this and lost all of your kind comments. Well, at least I got to read them first.

I adore this room! I have always loved soft blue and brown together. So calming! Any guest would love to lay heady down here!!
xo Kris

Okay, you talked me into it. I will be visiting soon. :)

Very cute and relaxing! I'm sure your guests will love it. Judy

I love what Beth said! Me to! I love the colors that you have chosen for "my room"! Lol!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Everyone will feel welcomed and pampered in this room. So well thought out and so attractive!