Tuesday, May 14, 2013

James McCartney

We are headed to a concert to hear our friend
Katie Preston and James McCartney.
How fun will that be?!

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The son of Sir Paul McCartney, James McCartney, a singer-songwriter in his own right, makes 
Rochester a stop on his 47 date U.S. tour, playing at the Lovin’ Cup Bistro & Brews

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Katie Preston opens the show at 8pm, followed by James McCartney!

From Yelp.com
Katie Preston Opens the Show @ 8PM!

Katie Preston used to entertain audiences with the beloved and now defunct group "Paul's Grandfather", aptly named after the character who played Paul McCartney's grandfather in the movie "A Hard Day's Night". Now embarking on other various musical endeavors, Katie will be playing solo this night to open for James McCartney. Or, one might even say, "Paul's Grandfather" will open for Paul's son ;)

"Preston will sooth and unsettle the senses -- miraculously all at once! Through her music, Preston channels the late Harry Nillson, Nina Simone and some other dead guy whom of which she's not really sure what he has to do with her music. Preston's music "builds a wonderful dark atmosphere devoid of hope but full of vigor nonetheless. It's a brilliant bit of songwriting with many layers, steeped in intelligence and a deep melodicism that's inescapable." (Wildy's World)

A song Katie wrote for her mother {our friend Debbie}:


Robyn said...

Wow! Have an awesome time! I had no idea Paul McCartney even had a son (sorry I missed the whole Beatles thing by only a few years..LOL).. but he looks just like his dad!

Kris said...

Lucky you! Sounds awesome! Have fun!!!
xo Kris

Just a little something from Judy said...

I did not know Paul McCartney had a son. I am sure you are in for a real treat. Sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying good music...what could be better!

Crickit said...

This sounds so awesome! Enjoy! :)

Christine said...

How special...
A date night and you KNOW the entertainer!
That is a special evening.
(by the way, welcome back home!)