Wednesday, June 13, 2012

quilt #2

With guidance from the CCE quilting ladies
I made a quilt for grandbaby #2
just before leaving Florida.

I am thinking maybe a January gift . . .
since the new baby {and family} will be back by then.
He or she certainly won't need it in Cambodia
where they have just two seasons
"hot and hotter"
{For those of you that I have made knot bags for,
you may see scraps from your fabric in this quilt}

Here is quilt #1 that I made earlier.


lindsey said...

Beautiful quilts!

Ali said...

It turned out so nice Mary! I love the green with the black!


Holly said...

Sooo pretty! I wish I had the patience and the skill to make one.

Kris said...

they are both darling! love the colors!!!

Christine said...

Will they be home for good or an extended stay?

Both are so different from each other.
The black and green one is really unique.
The brown one is so soothing.
Like'em both.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Beautiful. I love the owls. We are big into owls over here.

Debby said...

Beatifl the owls.
You have a beautiful family.
Thanks for visiting.
Where do your kids live in Colorado?
I signed up to follow.

Just a little something from Judy said...

What masterpieces! The green and black one is my favorite. Love that combination of colors. Making quilts is difficult and I admire your patience in learning to do it.