Wednesday, September 7, 2011

first day of school

Things I miss about the first day of school.

shopping for and organizing all those school supplies
buying new lunch pails that match each personality
picking out the perfect outfit to wear
the excited {and nervous} faces of my children
getting back into a routine after a relaxing summer vacation
meeting teachers that will share my children for 10 months
a chance to get all 4 kids in one photo
knowing that soon new friends will become part of their lives
hearing about that first day over dinner
early bedtimes {for everyone}
structure that the school year brings

No more first days of school in our house

Good luck to those of you returning to school for another year.
I was never ready to give up summer until that first day of school
and then the magic happened . . .


Beth said...

I love the old photos...those big glasses, that bowl haircut, your maxi skirt...but I don't like the thought of all of mine grown up! Blah!

Christine said...

I was always the last Mom to leave the bus stop, waving to everyone until the bus was out of sight.
Sad that Summer was over and sad that my "pals" were off to school.
I'm with Beth, Blah! No more bus stops.

Pokey said...

Precious memories! Mine as a teacher were the days Lydia pop in my room, then the older years where I dropped her of at a different campus, then, losing my carpool buddy altogether...we love our kids....

Mary @ Redo 101 said...

Love seeing pics of your kids ready for first day of school when they were young - and older. It is so much fun buying school supplies, why do some of us love that so much? I love a new notebook more than anything, but I guess that's the "writer" in me. Thanks for sharing.


Julie Harward said...

I love those first day of school pictures, we have done that too. Beautiful family here! ;D