Saturday, August 20, 2011


Happy birthday to my favorite son-in-law.
On his last visit to our home this is what he had for breakfast.
No kidding five.

How does he stay so skinny?!


Holly said...

Sweet pics! Happy birthday to your son. What is in those sandwiches? They look so good.

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to you SIL! He looks like a wonderful father! I do want his metabolism, I would gain weight just looking at five of those sandwiches!!

Crickit said...

Happy Birthday to your son in law!

Since you are the one who introduced me to the book, "Sarah's Key". Did you know that they made a movie on it and it is now in the theaters? It is on my list of things to do!

Pokey said...

Wow, I'd be happy with one of them...
happy birthday wishes!