Thursday, June 24, 2010


Dear Mrs. C and Mr. W,

Please accept this letter as my irrevocable resignation for the purpose of retirement effective June 30, 2010.

When I married Jim in 1979 and moved to this area I had no idea how important you would all become in my life. The first day I started teaching at K Elementary School I didn’t know anyone here. Thirty years later this is truly my happy place and I can’t imagine leaving this family of friends and dedicated professionals.

I am constantly amazed and impressed at the impact that this wonderful staff has on the lives of K’s children and I could not have asked for a better or more welcoming place to work. I leave this job confident that I gave my all every day and with the hope that I have made a positive difference in the lives of our students.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this school district for all of these years. As I leave K Central School I take with me wonderful memories of working with you and look forward to keeping in touch.


Don't look back . . .

Look ahead . . .


Christine said...

I can hear the school building give a little sad sigh, knowing you won't be back everyday.
Thirty years of giving all you have to the students is pretty impressive.
You wrote a really moving letter.
You will be missed!

But on the other hand...
(the picture of Jim relaxing on the front porch with the school bus going by says it all)

dee dee said...

Thank you for your hard and joyful years of service and touching the lives of so many students. You have created memories that I am sure will last forever in both your life and theirs!
Now... take the sweet time to party with hour hubby, read a book on the porch, and enjoy some well deserved rest!
Dee Dee

Crickit said...

What a beautiful and heart felt post. It brought tears to my eyes! I am sure this decision was bittersweet for you. What wonderful memories you will be taking with you from that lovely school and I can just hear all of those little ones whose lives that you touched in the past 30 years "singing your praises" as they become teens and then adults.

Congratulations on your retirement... may you have many relaxing moments with your husband on that porch, as you watch the school buses roll by!

Debbie said...

Great letter that truly sums up your years at school. It's so nice to have those special memories of a job well loved and well done. Congratulations Mary. We look forward to some coffee on the porch. Happy Retirement. Debbie & Dave

Dayle said...

Congrats! Retirement rocks.

Stephanie said...

Happy retirement. Now think how muc sewing/quilting you can do...and lots of relaxing on that pretty porch.

Wendy said...

Congratulations! I am sure you will be greatly missed by your peers and students. We love our teachers and are so thankful for teachers like yourself, who love their jobs and their students. Your school looks like it was a great place to teach and learn!

Just a little something from Judy said...

So many years you gave and gave of yourself, your time, your energy and your emotional involvement, and now retirement. I am sure it all is bittersweet in your heart. You deserve retirement and time just for you. The letter was so well written and brought some sadness in my heart as I read it. Congratulations! Wishing you and your husband many relaxing cups of coffee on the porch together.