Friday, December 31, 2010

two-buck chuck ($3.29)

Our very dear friends just brought us a case of Two Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw Wine) from Williamsburg, VA. We had enjoyed this wine several year ago in Seattle and again in NYC.

Two Buck Chuck is sold exclusively at Trader Joe's but the closest Trader Joe's to us is 300 miles away.

We had previously beleived the owner of the winery was going through a messy divorce and came up with an idea on how to get back at his soon to be ex-wife. He would drop the price of the wine so low that she would get nearly nothing from the divorce.

Although this made for a good story, it is not true.
These inexpensive wines just began as the result of an oversupply of wine

I hope it is as good as we remember . . .
Happy New Year to you all!


Hoosier at Heart said...

I so want to like wine. It just seems like it would be so nice to have a glass with dinner or in front of the fire before bedtime, but I am just not a wine drinker. Hope you enjoy yours though. Have a wonderful new year!

Wendy said...

We will add this to our list of wines to try! Although, we too don't have a Trader Joe's close either. It is one of those places we visit when we travel on vacation. Enjoy and Happy New Year!!

Beth said...

Enjoy that Two Buck Chuck as the new year rolls in!

Crickit said...

We also enjoy Charles Shaw wine. Our Trader Joe's Market is just up the street from us. I kind of wish the divorce story was makes for an interesting topic of conversation.
Happy New Year to You!!

Christine said...

Your friends are pretty dressed up for Two Buck Chuck! But when you are bring a CASE of it, I'd dress up also!

Cheers! (clink-clink)

Betsy Brock said...

Our Trader Joes is about 30 minutes away. Every time I'm in there people are raving at the wine and the price! :) I love that place!

Happy New Year to you! I hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you and your family...full of happy surprises!