Saturday, March 28, 2015

peet's coffee

My Shop Smart Magazine recommends Peet’s Coffee K-cups 
so I thought I would give them a try. 

Turns out they are pretty good.

My go to coffee lately has been Jamaican Me Crazy 
{flavored coffee, infused with rich coconut flavor and an island twist} 
but it has been fun trying these new blends.

Do you have a favorite K-cup?

House Blend Coffee
Dark Roast
This best-of-house blend was crafted by Mr. Peet himself at our first café in Berkeley, CA. Selecting the finest beans, he hand roasted in small batches for rich, distinctive flavor. Four decades later, Peetniks everywhere are at home with House.

Major Dickason's Blend Coffee
Dark Roast
1969. Our first store on Vine Street. Loyal customer Key Dickason approaches Alfred Peet with his own blend. Mr. Peet tinkers. Before you know it, our all-time bestseller is born. Rich, complex, multi-layered; like a relationship with an old friend

Brazil Minas Naturais Coffee
Medium Roast
We select Brazil’s finest beans from the region of Minas Gerais, preferring those known as ‘naturals.’ By this method, our favorite fazendas (farms) dry whole coffee cherries in the warm Brazilian sun, imbuing the beans with a sumptuous sweetness.

Cafe Domingo Coffee
Medium Roast
There’s nothing like great coffee to bring friends and neighbors together. This Latin American medium roast pays tribute to an old pastime: lingering in one of our cafés, sipping an expertly brewed cup.


Pondside said...

Sipping my second cup as I read - the second always had to be decaf - a new twist that means a more-relaxed Pondside! I haven't caught on to the K-cup method but that quick brew is a draw!

Kris said...

We are big coffee lovers here. I like Peets too. I like to buy all sorts of different K cups to try new things. But for the most part, I like my coffee without flavors. Just coffee, and a wee bit of cream. Yum!
xo Kris