Thursday, February 7, 2013

times three

A new necessary bathroom accessory in my house is a magnifying mirror.

I recently bought one while shopping for our guest bathroom and decided to take a look.  
First of all – ouch – wrinkles are bad enough but magnified X3 they are painful to look at.
This winter we are spending four months in a retirement community and I have seen a lot of makeup mishaps on our new “older friends”.  I bet you can just picture what I am talking about.  

Hopefully my new mirror will help avoid these.

So . . . I put on my make up as usual and then looked in the mirror.
Woops – get out a Q-tip and clean up all the mascara smears.
Then smooth out that eye shadow.
Now blend both eyebrows with a brush.
A little more concealer under the eyes.
Much better. {why didn’t someone tell me?}

I guess I will have a love-hate relationship with this magnifying mirror.
A new necessity.


Betsy Brock said...

Oh that's funny. I think I need to get one...for better or for worse! I imagine I'll see some eyebrows that need more grooming. lol...

Crickit said...

I have had one of these for 2 years now and could not live without it! :)

Christine said...

It's really great for those pesky chin hairs.... or so I'm told, lol.

Kris said...

How is the little one that had to have the surgery?
3x? I use a 10x mirror to put on my makeup!!!
: ) Kris

Robyn said...

Thats funny but I so understand :(.. When I turned 42 I don't know what happened. I bought a mirror for my vanity that has a magnified side and I almost fell off the chair when I saw what I was looking at .. Wrinkles! So like you, after I put my makeup on I check it in the magnified side.. Getting older isn't easy.. I remember teasing my mom about things like this and now Im doing it!

dee dee said...

3x's... if I could see with a 3x's I feel great! I'm up to at least 10!
dee dee