Friday, February 22, 2013


Every Sunday after church we have been going out to breakfast
trying a new restaurant each week.

Two weeks in a row we have been offered a seating choice new to us . . .

"Good Morning.
I have a small table for two in the corner or . . . 
we are doing grouping at the round table"

We have met some very friendly people during these breakfasts.
I say - give grouping a try.
{by the way: There are a lot of Canadians spending the winter in Venice}


Anonymous said...

Long ago I ate at a restaurant in the Amish country somewhere, possibly Lancaster, PA, and we were seated at a large table like the grouping you describe. We had a charming dinner and shared wonderful conversation with a couple from Brooklyn. It was really delightful and if we'd declined we would have missed a very pleasant time.

Kris said...

On a cruise ship, grouping is common for breakfasts. I love it. My husband, not so much.
: ) Kris

Christine said...

Oh my, that would really stepping out for me. Tom on the other hand, was born to sit at a "grouping".

Question: Does that make you a groupie?

Robyn said...

Actually grouping sounds like a nice way to meet new people and possibly make new friends. I'd try it. Love the photos of the restaurant. Looks like a nice little place.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I have been part of this type of eating and I found it most interesting. I like that you tried it, and I think it would be fun to sit at your table.