Tuesday, May 10, 2011

beach read #4 {last}

First book of the Elm Creek Quilts Series
It is a good peek at quilt making but ...
I am not inspired to read the rest of the series.

Glows with the love of quilts, the importance of family,
and the value of friends to share our joys and sorrow with.

- Kathryn Smith, Anderson Independent-Mail


Pondside said...

I was given a set of the books, and I found that I wanted to like them more than I actually did. Perhaps they're more for cold winter evenings by the fire - but I found them just not quite weighty enough, even for a pleasant read.

corners of my life said...

The story is intriguing but didn't you find the dialog was pretty forced and unrealistic?

dee dee said...

I hope you are enjoying this time with your daughter and grandson.... soak it up for all it's worth! Better luck with the next book!
Dee Dee