Saturday, October 2, 2010

a random autumn afternoon

I have seen some of the most beautiful autumn photos in blog posts of late,
full of perfect arrangements, vibrant colors, so fun to look at.

The ones I am posting today are just an afternoon when the weather warmed up for a few hours and I was able to sit on my deck and read for a bit.

a quiet place that was so busy just a few weeks ago

an interesting book loaned to me by a friend

a pool covered and ready for winter

metal furniture soon to be stored in the shed

a peek through the neighbor's porch at leaves beginning to turn
(can you tell we live across the street from a college campus)

a gardening husband trying to get a few more weeks out of his potted plants

soon we will be shoveling snow from this patio to get to the bird feeder


Christine said...

I enjoy the leaves scattered on the ground and patio. It definitely is the beginning of Fall.
Enjoy your deck!

Betsy said...

Your place looks just like ours! A chill in the air and leaves turning. I need to finish bringing the houseplants inside...just as soon as I find spots for them! ha.

dee dee said...

Oh snow... please lets not go there yet! I just want to bask in what is finally autumn!
Dee Dee

Wendy said...

I agree with Dee Dee...I am not ready for snow yet! We had the most beautiful fall day here in Pa! Your deck looks like a great place to enjoy a good book! You'll have to let us know if you would recommend it.

Dayle said...

We don't fear snow here, thank the Lord. I love the falling leaves though. Your place is lovely.

Crickit said...

It is still in the 80's here in California... waiting for the cooler weather. I really like the view of the college and the trees turning golden and red.

cindy said...

Oh my, how much snow do you get each winter?
I had a cousin who lived in Erie and I know every winter she was crying to come home. We only recieve maybe 11-12 inches over the whole season.
Bummer, because I love the snow.

Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

I just love fall, and I enjoyed seeing fall's arrival through your pictures!

But winter? We can skip winter.