Friday, May 7, 2010

not so friendly

We received a flyer for our local Friendly's restaurant in the mail this week. It had a buy one get one free summer salad coupon so off we went for dinner. After seeing my chubby self in our Florida photos I am now writing down all the calories I eat.

I knew the salad would be on the high end of calories allowed for dinner so I was extra careful at breakfast and lunch. When we got home from dinner I went online and looked up the nutrition information.

I should have looked before we went.

I was shocked . . . 1180
~ not a type-o ~
one thousand, one hundred, eighty!!!


Betsy said...

Oh my word..that's a lot of calories! I hate that they always add up so quickly! I will say, though, that the salad looks scrumptious!

Crickit said...

Having a yummy salad to eat used to be so easy... then they deceived us by adding all of the wonderful additions that rack up the calories. I am sure it was delicious though!

Christine said...

They call it "Kickin'" because you are kicken' yourself afterwards for eating it!

Nice try though. I don't think I would of look it up. So you get kudos for that, in my book.

amanda & daniel said...

by the way mom, at the beach a few weeks ago they played the "hips don't lie" song in a restaurant where we ate dinner. i cannot wait to join you in jazzercise this summer!! (we'll get some good moves for blaine's wedding, for sure)

benja said...

Watch out for the blue cheese and the buttery buffalo sauce, that was probably 400 of it right there!