Tuesday, July 29, 2014

owning less

A few bits and pieces from some blogs I visit . . .

"Eliminating the excess from our lives was all that was on our mind 
and with it came a sense of freedom by owning less." 
{from: Our Simple Life}

"Voluntary Simplicity.  I guess it means different things to different people.
To me it means living more deliberately but it doesn't involve deprivation or sacrifice,
 it simply means shunning things in my life that don’t add any value.
Voluntary simplicity is often a higher-labor yet slower-paced life,
one that bids you to stop and smell the roses."
{from: Living Deliberately}

"It’s been a season like no other
and sometimes it takes awhile to find your balance again,
but soon, very soon."
{from: A Collection of Days}

"I've learned editing, purging and simplifying is very satisfying to me.
 I've learned that giving stuff away feels good.
I've learned it would be much simpler if I didn't buy it in the first place.
I've learned to only keep what I truly love.
I've learned that life is full of seasons and just because
something worked for me in one season doesn't mean it still does."
{from: Lemon Lane}

{photo: L.A.H. at Letchworth State Park}


Cranberry Morning said...

Definitely a good idea to get rid of the weighty excess. It's very liberating and I need to do it again. Love the last photo. What stunning scenery!

Christine said...

Sounds like you are on the right track. Support from family and friends is always helpful.
I'm cheering you on, at this difficult and yet rewarding time.

Nancy Jo said...

I love Letchworth. My Great Great Grandpa was born there. They had a home right where the Iris Inn is. In fact part of the Inn was there home. The family ran a grist mill there. At some point the land was sold to Mr. Letchworth.
I didn't know you were selling your home. That is a huge decision. We talk about it once in awhile. Kind of scary. Where are you going?
The thrift store you asked about is the Amvet store in west Seneca.
Nancy Jo

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I started this year by calling it the "year of less." I'm happy to report I've rid my closet of a mass of excess clothing, gave away some glassware that I loved but had been collecting dust for some time, and I'm still working on a few other projects that require more time to finish them up. This year is zipping by so quickly ... I've had some unexpected hurdles but still hope to end it with even less stuff than I have now. Time will tell.

Betsy Brock said...

Such great thoughts....I agree with all of that. It's a learning journey for me, coming from a few generations of hoarders. haha. But I do love the freedom I feel when I purge, give away and cut back.

Nancy Jo said...

As for your oil lamp collection from your Mom? I can see where going through everything is hard, I often wonder if we decide to move how I will handle it. Anyway, maybe pick a few lamps that are your favorites.
Nancy Jo