Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Leisure House 06

Let me show you the kitchen and dining area in our Leisure House . . .

This is actually part of a great room that
includes the living room but
I'll show you that later.

The refrigerator has water and ice in the door.
A luxury indeed.

Two handmade baskets and a fun hot pad trivet . . . 
"Let the waves hit your feet
and the sand be your seat"

Wouldn't be complete with out a wine rack.

We try to keep the counters tidy
for a more relaxed feel.

One more luxury . . . 
our Keurig coffee maker.

The ever present pop-of-orange on the over-sized island.

The table will seat six by
pulling in the two fabric covered chairs

These also double as living room seating
when we have guests over.

The X's are found on furniture in each room . . .
a fun little theme that I love.

We didn't get to choose this light fixture
but it fits in quite nicely.

Once again a pop-of-orange with
my mom's seashell collection.
There is actually a battery operated light
{from the Dollar Tree}
in the bottom of the bowl for a evening glow.


Laura Lane said...

How pretty! I should be stitching instead of typing!
Harvest Lane Cottage

Kris said...

So fresh and pretty! I love your leisure home. This is in FLorida, yes? How much time do you get to spend there? It looks so clean and inviting!!!
xo Kris

Debbie said...

I really like your leisure home. It looks so comfortable and simple. You must really enjoy visiting there. Think you'll move there later? By the way, thanks for the suggestions for the Keurig. It's really getting a workout with all the kids at home!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

It's refreshing and makes me want to come on down.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I want to sit at your island stools, drink a cup of coffee, and look around me at the beauty. The d├ęcor is certainly inviting and lovely to look at.

Christine said...

I have a new quote to use, ..."the be sand your seat", cute!

Yes, I can picture you with a house full of family and friends over.
It is really beautiful!