Thursday, May 3, 2012

thrift stores

As we leave the Italian Villa ( home) that we rented
I will show you few things we bought to make
our stay a little more comfortable.


Christine said...

What to come and rent our Cottage?

Have a safe trip home. It must be very hard to leave such a fun place. Thinking of buying there?

Crickit said...

Are you planning on buying the little rental or already have??

That is quite a lot to purchase and just LEAVE behind!???

Kris said...

What fantastic renters you are!! They will be thrilled!!!!

dee dee said...

I just love that bike! What lovely gifts to leave behind for the new renter!
dee dee

Just a little something from Judy said...

My guess is that the owners will be thrilled. They will hope you come back next year. Wish that I had a cottage that you could rent:) said...

What a fun place to visit...that gives me some ideas of checking on a place to rent.