Saturday, October 22, 2011


In autumn when darkness comes early, out come the candles

some were gifts

some are scented

some are not

warm and welcoming


inside and out


Debbie said...

I agree that the candles might be pretty all year, but when the fall hits, they become an imperative. I love them, and you have some really pretty ones.

Pondside said...

A candle in the waning afternoon light is a beacon and a comfort - especially in autumn.

Christine said...

Oh ya...candles. They can create the warmest atmosphere.
I like your idea of using river rocks around the your candle.

Pokey said...

Yea for candles lighting the corners of our lives :-}
hugs, pokey

Kris said...

Hey there!! Good Monday morning to you! Speaking of candles, I took one out of my minnow bucket that I had on the wicker patio set outside, and the candle had melted to a mishapen mess is our heat!!! I also love the warm glow of candles burning, especially in the cooler months!!!!!