Thursday, August 26, 2010


Happy birthday to my oldest son. I am so proud of the man he has become. He is a loving son/brother, loyal friend, creative socializer, responsible worker, and seasoned city boy. This young man is always thoughtful, adventurous and fun to be around. I love touching base with him when he calls to catch up each week on his walk home from the gym. When he was young my last words to him every time he headed out the door were "make good choices" . He has!

I pray for him to have a joyful life and I hope he knows how much he is loved.


Diana said...

Happy Birthday to your son!!!

Crickit said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your son! Thanks for letting us know a little bit about him.
God Bless You!!

Christine said...

I love that he calls you on the way home from the gym. My son calls me, while walking home from work.
Lots to celebrate at your home.
Life is Good!

Beth @ Dirty Laundry said...

Oh my goodness, I say that to my middle son so much he must be so sick of hearing it...glad to see it helps a child turn out so nicely! Happy Birthday to your son!

killabstingz said...
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killabstingz said...

Thank you for the well wishes ya'll...i'm gonna go climb a tree!!!!

Susan said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your wonderful son!
I love a boy who keeps in touch with his mom!

dee dee said...

Happy birthday!
I pray that someday my son will want to catch up with me each week! You must have done a fantastic job raising him!
Dee dee

Just a little something from Judy said...

Doesn't it just bless your heart when you see them heeding your advice? I wish him a very happy birthday!