Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Gift of an Ordinary Day

I know seven minutes is a long time to watch a
YouTube Video but you won't be sorry . . .

Now I must read her book!


Susan said...

I'm a total mush and all teary as I write to you! I have had those same thoughts so many times throughout my life. I remember leaving the campus after dropping off my oldest at college and saying to my husband through tears..."You know, it's never going to be the same..." My daughter is moving out this week-end. She's the last to go of my three girls. My heart is breaking. She is thrilled! Such is life! Ah, life is so very short!
I am off to to buy the book! Thanks for posting this. And thank you to for your sweet comments on my blog. I do hope you'll visit often. I will follow you too.

Christine said...

The words are so powerful. She drums up all kinds of memories and emotions.