Tuesday, February 2, 2016

seeking silence

There is a lot of background noise in my life.
When I sit down for my morning coffee I turn on "Good Morning America"
When I do my morning chores I listen to WHAM 1180
When I sit down to sew I watch a DVR'd TV show
When I drive to Jazzercise I listen to an audio book
When we eat dinner we watch "Jeopardy"
When I read in the evening I tune into a playlist from Google Play
When we have friends over for a game I pop in a CD



After reading this article I will
"make quiet my new default" 

RealSimple Magazine - January 2016 
 article by Jennifer King Lindley. 
Can I have some peace and quiet?!

Noise can affect learning
. . . researchers theorize that the part of the brain that processes auditory signals is the same one that handles short-term memory
. . .mice raised in a noisy environment had a 70% reduction in blood vessel formation in their brains than those in quiet cages

. . . even moderate background noise can interfere with the ability of babies to learn new words
. . . in one study children on the noisy side of a school (near train tracks) had reading sores that lagged a full year behind children on the quieter side of the school

. . . quiet time can strengthen internal focus
. . . this generation has begun to focus on external stimulation rather than reflecting inward

. . . quiet lets your mind wander and make connections between things not previously noticed
. . . constant noise pulls our attention ever outward and upsets our balance

The article also recommends ways to find quiet for all different ages from toddlers to adults.
. . . reduce background racket
. . . institute a daily quiet time
. . . have device free times
. . . dare not to talk

I hope I haven't quoted too much of her article (more that 20%) 
but I wanted you to get a preview of her thoughts. 
I hope that you can find a copy and read it.

{Prince Rupert}

I remember in my teaching days parents who thought their child was bored 
and requested more work/enrichment/challenge. 

What I really wanted to say to them - two things.
When will he have time to think?
Boredom is a choice.


Stacey said...

I love background music when we are busy around the house on Saturdays. Love my loud Zumba music and singing in the car. In the house during the day, I love quiet. No TV and no music. It calms me and it's enjoyable to hear the birds. ;)

Betty said...

When I read your post it was like hearing what I do. I think I will pay more attention to my background noise and turn them off when I can.

Betsy Brock said...

Very interesting. I enjoy having Fox News on while I go about my day at home. But I enjoy silence in bed with my morning coffee....and while I drive.

Christine said...

Thank you ...thank you, for the darling "Love" picture. Cedar and Sparrow are growing up. Plus, I like how you shared both living room pictures. Now I can visualize where you are. Both have a nice warmth.
Lately, I have needed peace and quiet, for no other reason then to "heal".

Creations By Cindy said...

Enjoyed this post! For me, I like quiet! In the mornings I usually sit in the dark in my favorite chair, drinking coffee and preparing my heart for the day through prayer. I very seldom (if ever) listen to music while driving to work. And when I am home If I cut on the television then it's something I really MUST SEE...But that is just me! Every now and then when cleaning I will turn on some music and mainly and hopefully to help PUT A PEP IN MY STEP! Ha! Enjoyed this so much today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I've been an advocate of silence for many years. There's something gained in quiet times that cannot be gained any other way. I worry about the children and young adults now, with so many distractions. Whoever said, "Silence is golden," certainly knew a thing or two.

The article sounds like a winner. I will find a copy and read the whole thing.

Kris said...

Hidey do. I am similar in my background noise choices. I turn on GMA in the morning. Sometimes I will watch a previously recorded show. After I take sweet boy to school, I come home and turn on the radio, and do my chores. If I am sewing, it is the radio. But I have discovered pod casts, and often find I want to listen and/or watch one of those from my lap top. But sometimes...I just crave the sounds of nature. The birds, the chickens...the dogs, the wind through the trees..etc.

lindsey said...

This is really interesting. I like to have silence at some point throughout the day and can very easily just sit and sew or knit without any background noise, my husband is the opposite

I have just forwarded this article to my daughters who both home school their children, I think this supports what they do as HS does away with the constant background noise in the classroom

amanda + daniel said...


I hope this link will work. I just watched it last night & thought of you. Its the wonderful Mr. Rogers talking about the need for silence & quiet - 20+ years ago! I wonder what he would think of our loud world today?