Monday, May 25, 2015

up up and away

New to us was watching the launch of hot air balloons.

It was such an amazing process as they spread out, fired up

and lifted off.

We can only imagine what it must be like to be on-board

as they hovered in the Letchworth State Park Gorge

{this photo from @news8Rochester twitter}

Thanks Dave and Debbie for including us in this adventure.


Creations By Cindy said...

What beautiful balloons! Oh I would have loved to have rode in one! The colors are so pretty! Happy Tuesday! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

How beautiful and colorful they are! I used to live in Hornell, NY and went to Letchworth quite often. Is there still a restaurant there? They were famous for their cinnamon sundaes. We also used to go to Stoneybrook State Park in Dansville.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

SO beautiful! I can just imagine the trill of floating above the beautiful gorge :)

Stacey said...

Oh my goodness, the scenery is amazing and then you add in the colorful balloons and it's unbelievable. I would like to go up in one...I think. :)

Diana Ferguson said...

Beautiful! I actually hopped in one several years ago without thinking! I loved it then but might be too chicken these days.

Betsy Brock said...

We took a balloon ride was amazing! The landing was a little scary, but I'd do it again! So fun! You got some gorgeous pictures of it!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I always wished to attend an event like this, and now today, I had the privilege via your blog. So thankful that you shared the pictures of it all with us.