Wednesday, June 11, 2014

collecting moments

Here is a recent quote from one of my favorite blogs

"But while we wait for the atmosphere to settle, and the path to become clear, 
we can still collect special moments and take pleasure in their sweetness."  

Reading this is a wonderful reminder that while we are in the midst of {and consumed by} 
some very big life changes we still need to collect special moments. 
For the next several months this will be my go to inspiration.

Although our big changes are good ones it will be a difficult journey.
{more details later}


Kris said...

Oh dear! I could benefit from this quote as well. Our lives have been through some rough changes too!!
I do hope that whatever is happening with you, that the transition is smooth!!!!
XO Kris

Christine said...

Dayle is an amazing writer, full of wisdom and wonderful words.
I refer back to her words all the time.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I've been so distracted lately that I have missed visiting with my blogland friends, of which you are one of my favorites, and not because you quoted from my blog in this post [smile] but because you are a kindred spirit.

Whatever changes you may be facing, God will provide strength. How do I know? well ... you already know the answer to that, my friend. And you are in my prayers this day and in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for your words of encouragement yesterday and this morning. They mean more than I can express.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Thank you so much for leaving your 'footprint' in my comment box this morning. It was a little drop of joy to find your message on this beautiful morning.

I enjoyed the quote you share from Dayle's blog.

Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places today.....


amanda + daniel said...

A good summer motto - can't wait to collect sweet a whole basket full of moments this July!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Changes are difficult, no matter how they show themselves. Wishing you the best through it all. I will say a prayer for you whenever God brings you to mind:)