Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Aldi K-cups

I never pay more that 50 cents per K-cup for my Keurig brewer.
This week I found Beaumont Single Serve Coffee Cups 
at Aldi for - $5.79 per 12 pk.

Not the greatest price but within my range.

Both of these varieties passed the morning coffee test .

 Aldi is a grocery store owned by the same company as the trendy Trader Joe's.
They sell quality items for less that our other local grocery stores.


Just a little something from Judy said...

What fun, we both have coffee posts this morning. I don't have a machine that uses these cups, but when I get one, I am tucking this info away. I like Trader Joe's store for many things. Thanks for the tip.

Kris said...

Very good buy! I usually buy my K cups at Bed, Bath & Beyond with coupons. I brew coffee in the pot every day, but we like the convenience of the K Cups too sometimes. I currently like the Pumpkin Spice!!!
xo Kris

Christine said...

We need an Aldi over here!

0s0-Pa said...

Where do you buy your K-cups from? I usually order mine from since they usually have good deals.