Thursday, June 21, 2012


My youngest son turns twenty-five today.
He has recently moved back home and is attending
college to become an elementary school teacher.

He has always been good with children and we know
that this career path is a good choice for him.

Mr. Corners and I each spent 30+ years teaching before retiring
so . . . this apple isn't falling far from the tree.

Happy Birthday Seth
We love you!


Kris said...

Happy Birthday to Seth! Our baby is 23. He is a born teacher too, but unfortunately, he is not attending college at this time. He does however, teach music. We are hoping and praying he goes back to school to earn his teaching credential! Good luck to Seth!!!

Christine said...

We need great teachers, so hip hip hooray for Seth. What grade level is hoping to teach?

Happy 25th Birthday Seth.

Just a little something from Judy said...

How special that after years of you and your husband teaching, and now your son will teach. What a legacy you left for your son. We sure do need some good teachers.
Happy Birthday Seth!

Southern Gal said...

Happy birthday to him. The children need good male role models in their teachers. Good for him.