Tuesday, April 17, 2012

safety first

I guess we were a little nervous on our ranger led canoe trip. We elder folks wore our life preservers for the whole trip only to notice everyone else just put theirs in the boat.

Younger canoers {Ben and Lindsay} weren't so nervous.

Canoeing & Kayaking at Oscar Scherer State Park
Canoeing South Creek is one of the more popular recreational activities available at the park. Visitors can launch their own canoe or kayak or rent a canoe from the Ranger Station. Canoes are currently available for rent and are launched from the South Creek Picnic Area. South Creek is a tidal black water stream that flows through the park. The Creek begins north of the park and is formed by rainfall and freshwater run-off and eventually flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The creek fluctuates with the incoming tide and is brackish (a mixture of fresh and salt water). Mangrove trees, Giant Leather Fern, and Cabbage Palms are a few of the plant species that can be seen growing along the edge of the creek. Wading birds such as the Great Blue Heron and Little Blue Heron can be seen feeding in the water while Ospreys soar overhead. Occasionally alligators and otters can be seen taking advantage of the creeks' diverse habitat. Ranger led canoe programs are available every Wednesday.


Debbie said...

What Dorks we are!!! I had no idea we looked so ridiculous..just following "Mr. Ranger's "rules.. Next time, we're throwing caution to the winds and being more like Ben and Lindsay. Despite our dorkiness, it was a lot of fun!!!!

Beth said...

Well, you definitely don't look dorky...just safe! What a fun way to spend the day!

Sunny Simple Life said...

I would have worn one too. Just in case.

Christine said...

Safty first!
I would of worn two, just to be safe.
Dorky? No, adventurous and fun loving.
Looks like so much fun.

Crickit said...

I would have put mine on also... you never know! Hope you had a fun time on the canoes!

dee dee said...

Oh we love to canoe! Looks like everyone (including the Safety Club) had fun!
dee dee

Pondside said...

If you'd tipped you'd have been the ones laughing at the ones without the life jackets!

Gayle said...

You were the smart ones!