Sunday, February 5, 2012

wide right

Those of you who are Buffalo Bills fans,
sadly, need no explanation for the title of this blog.

Jim and I are looking for a church to attend while in Florida.
Today we went to a Presbyterian Church and
the serman was "Faith and Football: Wide Right".
I know it must be an omen but would you say . . .
stay here or try another church?!

The message: forgive yourself.

Non Bills fans can read about "wide right" here.


Pondside said...

I'm not much of a footbal fan, so all references would be lost on me!....unless the 'right' refers to right wing politics, in which case I'd be out of that church in a minute.

Ali said...

I say it's a sign that you will be right at home :) Hope you are enjoying your stay at the Italian Villa!


Christine said...

"Wide Right", Heart pounding for both sides.

As far as the church goes, I think you found the one.

Crickit said...

I'm not much of a football fan but do you think that you found the right one?

Debbie said...

I just read the link. I can see how it was a powerful inspiration for a sermon on forgiveness.