Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the perfect gift

For the last several years Mr. Corners and I
have not exchanged Christmas gifts.
We have a wonderful time shopping for our family
and now don't worry about the perfect gift for each other.

He is such a blessing to me ~ the only gift I need.

8 comments: said...

Love it. My husband and I do the same. Have a great week! Judy

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh how sweet this post is. I love to hear stories like this.

Pondside said...

The perfect gift, indeed. That's such a blessing!

Debbie said...

I couldn't agree more. Mine is gift all on his own too.

We don't generally give each other a gift either. We started years ago when the budget was tight,and really, it's still tight.

We do give one special thing. For him, I make a calendar with the girls' pictures. The fact that they are now 22 and 19 does not seem to have diminished his desire for one. Last year, I didn't give it, and he told me that he missed it.

So... a calendar it is. This year, I am incorporating pictures from when they were little among the ones for the year.

Julie Harward said...

We do the same...except sometimes I break down and get him something, I can't stand it, I am just a kid at Christmas time! ;D

dee dee said...

Ahhhhhhh.... perfect!
Dee Dee

Christine said...

After all the years of marriage, you know you are blessed, when he is all you want or need.
You are blessed!

Crickit said...

Agreed! My husband is also my BEST gift of all! :)