Monday, June 21, 2010


Happy Birthday to my youngest son. Unfortunately for him, his birthday is always during the last week of school and both his parents are teachers. We could fool him for many years and celebrate a week later. Then . . . he learned to read a calendar and the gig was up. He has always been very patient about it but I know it was hard.

This past year, when he was 22, I could still think of him as a child - I'm not so sure about 23. He is a funny, thoughtful young adult with one more semester of college before he's off to find his way in the world.

I hope he knows how much he is loved.


Bevy said...

I'm sure he does... the look on his face says so.;)

Crickit said...

Happy Birthday to your baby! :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome son. Time goes so quickly doesn't it ? I wish him much success in finding a job after his next semester.

Wendy said...

Tell him Happy Birthday! Sarah's bithday is between xmas and New Years and we always celebrate it a month later in Jan...I know she'll figure it out soon enough!
We wish him all the best with finishing college and starting his career!