Friday, January 15, 2010


A friend of mine recently discovered
sold at our local ALDI discount store.

. . . the gorgeous beauty brand that’s been picking up awards, out-performing big names and causing a storm across Europe. It’s hard-working, feel-good beauty at prices you really won’t believe.

. . . full of all the same fabulous, luxurious ingredients you’ll find behind
more expensive labels, making it one hot beauty secret.

Val, Leslie, Marty and I have been using these products
for several months now and really like them.

The good news is they are incredibly inexpensive and
the better news is they will be on sale this week.
Read more details here.


amanda + daniel said...

Do you use the makeup too? How is that?

Christine said...

We don't have an ALDI out here in the Pacific Northwest. But I'm going to check our local drug store to see if they care this company.
Thanks for the great information and savings.